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Typing Jobs From Home – Make Money Online By Forum Discussion

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Intro: Here I will well define the typing jobs like forum discussion, and will also explain how to make money through them.

Make Money Via Forum Discussion | Typing Jobs:

Forum discussion or better say typing jobs from home are nowadays a good way to make money online. Especially for them who are good in typing and discussing. You might have already heard about data entry jobs. And typing jobs or forum discussion is very similar to them.

You can admit to write in your own field of interest like if you like to play guitar then you can start discussion on topics like “which is your favorite guitar?”, “do you have blues skills?”. Yes you got it right; you can also start discussion as question.

So you can also develop your knowledge while discussing or typing in the forum. You can know what other people say about the topic on which you are interested, you can learn from their experience and many more. And while gaining knowledge by discussion, you will also earn money. So it’s very great online opportunity for all to learn and earn.

You have right to choose your field of interests and there is no limitation on how many fields you can choose. You can ask questions or you can trigger a topic where people will discuss. If you get bored on one topic then go to another topic and start discussing there.

How Will I Earn And What Are The Paying Rates For Typing Or Discussing?

There is no fixed rate on which you will be paid. Also you will not be paid on the basic of the quantity of words or letters which you will type while discussing.

You will be paid on the quality basic. Like for asking a very interesting question you will be paid more but if you ask a common question then you will be paid less. Also if you answer or post reply to very clear and to the point then you will be paid more. So keep quality while typing the content.

Suppose if someone ask which is your favorite movie, then while giving answer not simply type the movie name, also write something about actor, actress, director and also write some part of the movies which you like the most. This will make you to earn more money.

There is one more thing which you must take into note that if you add a video or audio or an image with your topic or question or within answer then you will be paid more.

How Much Can I Earn By Typing Or Discussing?

No per day restriction or no exact restriction in the earning limit, the deep blue sky is yours. More you discuss, more you create topics and question, more you post replies and answers the more your earn.

Referral Earning, Cashout Limit And Payment Questions?

Referral will boost your earning through this paid to discussion program; you can grab your referral link from your account information and request the person to join the website using that link. This is how a person will be called as your referral. Referral commission which you will earn may range from 50% to 10% of the referral earning.

Cashout limit is also website specific, it may range from to 20$ . Cashout limit is the minimum amount which you must earn before requesting for payment. Generally it will take around one month to reach the cashout limit of a website if you work on regular basic.

All the payment are either send via online payment processors like PayPal, AlertPay or it will be mailed to you in the form of a money check. Money check may take one month to reach to your homing address. And also it may take around one week to process your payment to the payment processors like PayPal after the payment request had been placed.

Best Way To Earn More By Typing Or Forum Discussion Program.

The best way is to get more cash is to refer more and more people to the website using your referral link.

Another ways is to write quality content or data. Keep all the description in your replies or post and keep them to the point. If possible add videos/images/audios in your data while typing. This is the solid way to earn more and more via online typing or forum discussion job.

Another way is to make more friends. If you make more friends then they will visit your profile page and all the topics or discussions which you have started are listed in your profile page. So when your friends visit your profile they will sure see your topics and will surely reply to earn more. And when more and more friends of yours reply to your topic or discussion then it will make your topic more interesting. So you will be paid more for starting an interesting topic.

Best Website Which You Can Join:

Is MyLot. It is running online for more than four years and they never missed any payment. Their cashout limit is 10 bucks and the payment processor which they use is PayPal. They take only 15 days to process your payment. Also they provide referral earning system.

They will give you 25% of what your referral earn at MyLot as a commission. Moreover, they are now offering task to the people like signups downloads etc so you will earn more. To join this website by click here.

What To Avoid Doing At Forum Discussion Or Online Typing Jobs?

Don’t try to create referral by cheating. Like some people become referral of their own. This is a bad habit. It will lead to the termination of your account.

Also while posting replies don’t write thanks giving words like “thanks for your reply”, these words will not increase your earning.


MyLot has not removed the paid to click tasks from the task offer section, so the user cannot offer any kind of task related to paid to click program of making money online.

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