Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Is PaidTopia ( legit or a scam? Paid Topia GPT Review and Proof of Payment 2010!

I recently wrote a blog entry about trying out a new GPT Website called PaidTopia. Paid Topia is a GPT also known as Get Paid To money making website that is 100% free to join and earn with as well! So, now that I have more personal experience with using PaidTopia, I will reveal in this blog whether is legit or a scam!

Paid Topia offers many free ways to earn money or to earn points that can be converted into money or gift cards. Many of these offers are in the form of surveys or filling out a form with your email address or even just clicking a couple links or watching a video. Almost all of the offers on PaidTopia are free for users. I cashed out for the first time without ever doing any paid offers, I never gave out any credit card info either!

I was able to make the minimum $5 cashout amount within about an hour of joining the website, and I opted for receiving an Amazon Gift Card code instead of the other two options (check or paypal) because I am saving up to buy something on Amazon right now anyway! I like that PaidTopia has three different payment options, all of which are free to cashout with. PaidTopia also offers a great affiliate referral program for those of my readers who are interested in that aspect of the website.

I was pleasantly surprised when I cashed out for my Amazon Gift Card that I received the code in my email in less than twenty four hours!

So is PaidTopia ( legit or a scam? Paid Topia is 100% legitimate and easy to earn money with and fast to receive your money you earned! So get started today and check it out for yourself!

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