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PTC – Referal Guide

Getting more and more referrals to the PTC programs is the only way to increase your earnings.You can not make enough without having any referral.So how to get regular referrals and build your downline?Here are ways you can use to get referrals:-


Build A Website:

This is the best way to get referrals.Build a website and promote your PTC programs referral links in that.You can use free website building services like,, etc.These services does not cost you anything to build your website.Now promote that website in social media sites,forums,social bookmarking sites and you get good number of traffic.

The best part of building your website is that you get to show all of your referral links in one place to your visitors.This can help you build your downline in all the PTC site that you work with.

Build A Blog:

Blogging is another great way to engage your readers and convert them into loyal followers.You can use free blog services to build your one of the most popular free service.

Social Networking Sites:

Use social networking sites like Orkut,Facebook,Myspace,Twitter to get referrals.Since these site have a sizeable number of members from the younger section,you can always get good number of referral from these site.But,never spam these websites, you may get banned.

Video Sites:

Create a short tutorial video of the PTC sites-how to use them and what are the benefits.then post that to video sharing sites like YouTube,MetaCafe,DailyMotion etc.This is a very effective way to get referrals.Videos are easy to establish your authority in any subject,people may start following you.

Referral Exchange:

Exchange referral with other PTC users.Sign up using their link in one program and in return they sign up using your link in another program.

Post On Forums:

Forums are great place to get active referrals.Only post on forums related to the Make Money Online,Get Paid To Or PTC niche.Usually you’ll get quality referrals from forums.You can use your referral like in your forum signature.

Family And Friends

Ask your family members,friends,office colleagues join under you.

Instant Messengers

Instant Messengers like Rediff Bol,Yahoo Messengers are great to get referral every day.But,do not over do this.

Post Classified Ads:

There are hundreds of free classified sites.Post your ad with the referral link on those, you can find few referrals.

Advertise On Google Adwords:

This is costly,but,if done properly,there’s nothing like it.Not recommended for the beginners though.

Advertise On PTC Sites:

PTC site are the place where you can find devoted PTC clickers,advertise there and you can find some good active referrals.Mostly PTC sites are cheap to advertise.

Advertise On AdHitz:

Another great place to advertise.They have fixed rate per click to your link.AdHitz traffic converts great.

Offer Incentives To Sign Up Under You:

Ask people to sign up under you and offer incentive like few cents sign up bonus,free ebooks,softwares etc.

Traffic Exchanges:

Use Traffic exchanges to get referrals.Traffic exchanges are great way to promote your referral links.

Advertise On Local Newspapers:

This can be costly if you’re from the US.For countries like India and other Asian countries this can a great cheap way to get referrals.

Rent Referrals:

All the PTC site have the option to rent un-referred members.That’ll cost you little monthly fees.

Do not expect to get referrals in a day or two.It’s a continuous process that has to be done forever to keep your earnings increase always.Use social media sites and forums with caution.Do not span there.They may ban you.Do not be too aggressive and desperate while promoting your link.Do not lie about a PTC sites.Remember even if you lie there are ways to find truth about the site.


With $0.001 per click and total earning of some $.60 per day,you’re not going to make enough at the end of the month.So,why am I saying you can make decent income from PTC sites?The reason is that, these PTC sites provide some great opportunities to increase your earnings in quick time.You can increase your earnings in two ways:-

1.By Getting More Referrals:Getting more referrals is the best way to increase your earnings.All the PTC site offers this opportunity,where you refer new members and make a certain percentage of their income.

To make the most out of these PTC sites and make some real passive income you need to have lots of active referrals.

2.By Upgrading Your Membership:Every PTC site has different type of memberships. All of them starts with a free membership.But,if you want to make most out of  a PTC site you need to upgrade your account to paid membership.Paid members get opportunities to make more income from their ad clicks,referrals clicks.Often paid members enjoy benefits like lower payout,faster payments,quicker supports and more.

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