Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Swagbucks (Swagbucks.com) is it legit or a scam? Swag Bucks Review & Proof of Payment!!

What in the world are SwagBucks I often get asked by those who hear me talking about them. They sound like some crazy imaginary form of money. But let me assure you, Swagbucks are something that are very real and can be very valuable when accumulated! So in this blog we are going to examine Swagbucks that are earned on Swagbucks.com and not only learn what in the world Swagbucks are but also review if Swag bucks are legit or a scam! 

First when you sign up with Swagbucks.com you need to know a few things, first know that it is 100% free to sign up on the website, there is never any money that has to be spent to earn Swagbucks, or prizes, you never have to pay to cash out your swagbucks, nor are you obligated to ever get on the account again if you decide you don't like it. Although you must live in the US, the UK, or Canada (except for residents of Quebec) to sign up for Swagbucks and over the age of 13 years old. According to the Swagbucks.com terms of service only one member per household may sign up for Swagbucks.com, however it states that other members are welcome to use the one account the house has made and that would be considered a "family account". 

After signing up there are a few things you will want to make sure you do on a daily basis to ensure you are earning as many SwagBucks as possible, you will want to vote in the daily poll, complete the daily NOSO, sign up for the survey section of SwagBucks if you like taking surveys, make sure you use their search feature multiple times a day to win more SwagBucks and explore the site as there are other ways to earn SwagBucks, such as by watching their videos, completing free offers, making purchases online through their links (optional) and also referring your friends. 

So you have accumulated some Swagbucks, and now you are wondering, what in the world am I going to do with these? What are Swagbucks anyway? Simply said, SwagBucks are a form of "virtual currency" and you redeem that "virtual currency" called Swagbucks for free by cashing them in for gift cards (I typically cash mine in for Amazon.com giftcards), or other prizes, and there are prizes for every level of SwagBuck earnings! From just a few swagbucks to thousands of Swagbucks, no matter what you have saved up in your account you can find a prize to redeem the SwagBucks for! 

Sounds fantastic, but how do you know if Swagbucks.com is a legit and real website that is not only legitimate but is not a scam in any way? You know because I tested out Swagbucks.com before I wrote this blog entry and I loved it so much I use the website daily to try to earn more Swagbucks! So in this review of Swag Bucks, I want to assure my readers that SwagBucks.com is a legit website that is not a scam so my readers can feel comfortable using and earning on SwagBucks.com ! If you are still skeptical take a look at my proof of payments below, Swagbucks sends you an email when your prize or giftcards are in and then you redeem them on your account on Swagbucks.com! 

So now that you know Swagbucks.com is a legit website that is not a scam, I suggest you take advantage of the opportunity to earn prizes and have fun at the same time and accumulate those SwagBucks!

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