Sunday, 1 April 2012

Make Money Online – How Can You Make Money Free Online?

Article by Tim Whorley

In these tough, and probably soon to be tougher, economic times many of us are looking for additional ways to make ends meet. You might have already thought about trying to make some money online but for different reasons you haven’t given it a shot yet. There are others who don’t think it is possible at all. You might be skeptic. Well let me share a little information with you.

Actually just about anyone can make money online. You don’t need to be a genius or a computer geek or have a lot of money to begin with (or really any money to start out with). It is true that you can even make money free online. That is if you have a plan and put the work in to get it going.

There are many different methods out there for making money online. You can do some searching and see what interests you. However, I’m going to give you an overview of a method that always works. It always works with the right amount of work on your part and a little research.

How Can You Make Money Free Online?

1. Find a market where people will buy and there’s not a lot of competition – these are referred to as niche markets or even micro niche markets (finding good niche markets can be the key to your success).

2. Find a product to promote. Promote things that you know will make sales.

3. You can sign up to be an affiliate of a company that sells products or services that you know are good sellers. You can become an affiliate of a website like Clickbank and promote any number of thousands of information products.

4. Set up a website or blog. If you’re taking the free approach use a blog service like Blogger. Create content for your site or blog to promote your affiliate product.

5. Write articles, like this one you’re reading, and link it to your website or blog. This gets your visitors and potential customers.

6. Get visitors to your site or blog – as stated above, writing articles is a good way to do this. There are many methods and you can try any number of them.

Follow these steps and you will make money online.

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About the Author

Tim Whorley enjoys helping people earn money and uses the knowledge he has accumulated through trial and error to help others online.

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