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Top CPM Adnetworks

While Google’s AdSense has been the fall back CPM ad network to use for most businesses, you might be thinking if there are any good specialized CPM ad networks you can use in first place. There are. These CPM ad networks provide you with the tools you need to create ads, track revenue, view analytics, and get the customer service you desire.

Minimum Publisher Size: 500,000 page views per month

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Adtegrity offers a unique slant on CPM ad networks, helping advertisers and publishers the opportunity to have ads that work for everyone’s needs through 30 content channels. According to their site, they offer:

Flat Rates for Unique US TrafficWhole traffic monetization (100% sell through)Daily hands on and automated optimizationVarious targeting options

From start to finish, Adtegrity is able to help businesses get their ads out there and to make sure they are running 100% of the time.

Minimum Publisher Size: 100,000 impressions per month

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Publishers can see hourly updates on the reporting engine. Another important feature that I like is No minimum payout threshold. With programs like Page Shield, Site Select and Online Brand Safety, advertisers who use Banner Connect will only be shown the most high quality pages for their advertising needs. Advertisers get the best possible advertising for their money. Customer service questions are answered within 24 hours and the staff speaks your language, ensuring you don’t have communication troubles during your advertising. Ads are placed based on:

Channel / Site TargetingBehavioral TargetingContextual Targeting

Minimum Publisher Size: 5,000,000 video views/month

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Publishers and advertisers are also able to use the resources of BrightRoll to spread their message around the world. About 75% of the top 50 advertising agencies use BrightRoll for their needs. In addition, the site offers:

Full site disclosureDetailed performance reportsFlexible targeting

For businesses big and small, BrightRoll is able to provide resources that allow companies to spread their message.

Minimum Publisher Size: 25,000 monthly page views or 5,000 monthly unique views

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Burst Media provides high paying CPM campaigns. Publishers get complete control over the ads delivered. It’s one of the most stable and professional ad networks in the industry.

Burst Media helps advertisers learn who their customers are and how to help them. With such tools as:

RemarketingCreative RetargetingIn-Market or Intent DataInterest (Contextual/Semantic) DataDemographic Data

Minimum Publisher Size: 10,000 unique visitors per month

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While the Casale Media website might look simple, they have much to offer advertisers and publishers who want to maximize their CPM ads.

Optimization – Predictive modeling, algorithmsInsights – Data visualization, metrics, brand studiesPublisher tools – Management tools, representation models and more

Minimum Publisher Size: No minimum traffic requirements.

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ContextWeb handles 400+ categories that are IAB Network & Exchanges Quality Assurance Guidelines compliant. Publishers can name their own price unlike many other ad networks. Advertisers can choose as many or as few categories to meet their ad targeting needs.

Minimum Publisher Size: 10000 pageviews per month

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With CPX Interactive, you will be able to use CPX adROItTM, a proprietary ad management platform. This unique tool is designed to help publishers and advertisers create ads that are truly effective in the ever—changing online landscape.

Minimum Publisher Size: I couldn’t find. I searched a lot but still I couldn’t get it.

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InterClick uses OSM, Open Segment Manager, to help advertisers find the best possible spots for their ads. This system looks at the audience marketer data, the vendor data, and the InterClick data to ensure the advertisements are working as planned. InterClick also uses:

Marshall – A reporting and analytics system.ATS – Media tools for ad exchanges, real-time inventory, and direct publishers.

Minimum Publisher Size: No specific requirements. Many bloggers say that even low traffic with some good content is sufficient. I got approval in my health blog a year ago with just 200 visitors per day. More than traffic site quality matters.

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At the end of 2010, Technorati Media was ranked 10th largest media entity in the US, the 4th largest social media property and the 2nd largest blog property. Only thing that I don’t like is their Revenue reporting system. It’s too simple and basic. It would be better if they incorporate some in-depth analytics.

Minimum Publisher Size: 500,000 unique users per month

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Tribal Fusion is a growing competitor in the CPM ad network, offers publishers and advertisers a number of tools and resources:

Dedicated vertical teamsIndustry-specific knowledgeFully customized advertising solutionsCustom “brand channels”Vertical-specific targeting tools

Minimum Publisher Size: 3,000 page views per month

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Designed to be more affordable for smaller businesses with less capital, ValueClick offers you the opportunity to use these tools:

Proprietary dataTargeting and optimization technologyAdvanced reporting options

Minimum Publisher Size: 30,000 impressions per month or 5,000 monthly unique views

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Adspilot is a growing competitor in the CPM ad network, offers publishers and advertisers a number of tools and resources:

Dedicated vertical teamsIndustry-specific knowledgeFully customized advertising solutionsCustom “brand channels”Vertical-specific targeting tools

When you’re ready to dive into the world of CPM ads, you need to realize that not all CPM ad networks are created the same. While some might offer similar tools and resources, you want to choose the company that can offer you quality ads at the best rates. Take some time to review each of these companies to find out which one works best for your needs. I made this list to show you the various genuine CPM Ad companies available. Most of these companies have many other requirements other than pageviews. You can visit their sites and read the various requirements they have specified. Except pageviews most of the requirements would remain common with most ad networks.

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