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Make Money Online – Article Marketing 101

Article by Doug Hart

Hello again,

So you have your website up, you got some great content that will interest your readers once they find you. The question now is are they finding you? If you aren’t getting enough traffic, perhaps you’ve heard of article marketing. It may sound a little daunting at first, since you may not consider yourself a writer. Believe me, I didn’t either at first. But with a little practice you will get better at it, like anything!

Article marketing is simply a way to get some information out there to your audience, to build up a reputation for yourself, and in the process also get some great traffic both directly and through back links. The best thing about it is that people are going to find your article based on a targeted search, since you are writing about a very specific subject (pertaining to your site of course!).So where do you start? Here are some pointers to get started:1) Once you have a specific subject in mind, pick a title that really says it all. Let readers know right away what the subject is, and what they might learn by reading it. Use action words too, which tend to get people more interested fast!

2) The body of the article should be broken down into small paragraphs – so it looks less like a novel and more like a “short read”. People want the impression they will learn a lot in a short time.3) Make sure you use keywords that relate to your topic! Don’t overdue it of course, but if your topic is “home improvement” use it in the heading, several times in the top of the body, and then end with it as well. Keywords are critical information that will bring you targeted traffic, so don’t leave this out!

4) Make sure you add a resource box – this can solidify your reputation as a knowledgeable expert, let them know your background, training, anything that is relevant that gives the impression of trust. If readers don’t see a resource box, they may think you are fly-by-night that is in it for the short term. Or worse, an internet huckster of ill-repute! Set them straight, and don’t forget to put your web address in there, too.

5) Ok, here’s a biggy – spelling and grammar. I’m sure if you are using MS-Word you have spell check installed, but grammar can be another problem. Have someone else read your article, and make sure it makes sense. We sometimes (me included!) write quickly and don’t realize the sentence doesn’t really sound “right”.

6) How big to make the article? Well, most article sights want between 500-1000 words. This sound like quite a lot of writing, but believe me it’s not that much! You will be shocked at how quickly your ideas add up into words. Besides, you want to provide quality content for your readers, so make it good! If you write garbage, believe me nobody will read it.

7) Where do I submit these works of great literature? There are a few basic rules to finding a good site, but if you type into Google “article directory” you’ll find plenty. All I can advise is go with one that has a page rank of at least 4. The higher the page rank, the better, since more traffic is already flowing to the site.

8) Well, those are some of my tips that I’ve seen work not only for me but others as well. The hardest part is getting motivated to write on a daily basis, which is tough for most people. I say make it a habit every day! Set a goal to write at least one article every day, and within a few months you should see some real traffic to your site. The best part is, it will work for a long time since the articles will be there forever (unless the site goes out of business). Article Marketing is here to stay, and by far one of the best ways to get targeted traffic, so that shouldn’t happen anytime soon!

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