Monday, 2 April 2012 the site that earned me 300$ !!

Do you have a passion to earn online by paid to promote ?
Do you have some large no of traffic from any sources and want to monetize it to earn money on internet ? one of the best options that i could find out was trafficrevenue.
In other words it was the site that earned me a lot of moey and made me have a respectable ground in internet saying yes i do earn money online.
i got my traffic from some autosurfs sites and i had a lot of traffic so i found out this site once!

PTP, CPM, XML get paid for your traffic!

TrafficRevenue is a new generation PTP/CPM/XML website. We pay for all US,CA and Western Europe traffic you provide us. You can choose from various traffic delivery methods: Paid-to-Promote link, you can put our CPM, XML feed for PPC Search Engines, link redirection (you can generate link redirection pages and get cash every time someone clicks your link).

Our rate for US traffic: $3.44 for 1000 uniques. Below you can find whole CPM table.

Country SlidingBanner/PTP CPM IAB Banner CPM Invisible Code CPM
US          3.44                                         0.88           0.55
CA            3.25                                          0.88    0 .55
UK             2.85                                          0.88 0.55
complete table at the site itself!!

Payments are only sent using PayPal (you can just leave him a message and he pays via alertpay also i, often get paid by alertpay ). Payment minimum is $5.00 only.

i have earned ill now above 350$ on trafficrevenue.
this is the personal proof of my earnings!
i got all this paid to my alertpay! :)
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hope you would like to join and try making some money on this site!!
happy earning online! :)
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