Tuesday, 3 April 2012

November 2010 Payment From FusionCash (FusionCash.net / FusionCash.com)! Fusion Cash Proof of Payment!

I have been telling all of my readers (and all of my friends) about FusionCash (www.FusionCash.net) since I signed up and received my first payment! I am here again to tell you how great Fusion Cash is and how FusionCash is a totally legitimate GPT website to make money on and that FusionCash really does pay their members!

I received my largest payment yet from FusionCash in the month of November! $99.03! It is fun and easy to make money on Fusion Cash! If you still have not signed up to check it out, I recommend you doing so! Of course there are rules to the website (only one member per household, only one member per IP address, users must  be 18 or at least 13 years of age with parental permission, must reside in the United States - all of their conditions is summed up in their Terms of Service). FusionCash is completely free, and a great way to make money!

Feel free to check out my other blogs about FusionCash: August 2010 Proof of Payment Blog Entry , July 2010 Proof of Payment Blog Entry, April 2010 Proof of Payment Blog Entry, FusionCash Review, and even the section of my blog dedicated to reviewing Fusion Cash: FusionCash Review Section.

The only thing different this time is that in past Fusion Cash payments received, I received those payments through PayPal, this time I decided to skip the middle man and have the payment sent directly into my personal checking account! I did so with no problem, the money was there when it was supposed to be and for the same amount as was supposed to be there! In addition to PayPal and Direct Deposit. FusionCash also offers payment through paper check sent to your home.

Below is the proof of payment for my November 2010 direct deposit of the FusionCash payment. Click the picture of the proof of payment or the banner of my current earnings below it to sign up with FusionCash and get started making money online (for free) today!

View the original article here:: http://www.scamfreemoneyonline.com/1/post/2010/11/november-2010-payment-from-fusioncash-fusioncashnet-fusioncashcom-fusion-cash-proof-of-payment.html

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