Thursday, 5 April 2012

How to Monetize website

The word Monetize is 'web-speak' to describe the process of making money out of your website.

Some people do not like to see ads on a site but they do help to pay the bills!

All ads earn in proportion to the amount of visitors you can attract to your website whether the basis for payment is CPM (just to view the ad a thousand times), CPC (paid when the visitors Click on the ad) or CPA (paid when the visitor has carried out an Action like buying or joining something)

Google Adsense - the best. Google were the first to master the art of changing their ads to reflect the contents of the web page and the geographic location of the visitor. Google are quite critical about the quality and subject of your website to allow their ads to be shown in the first place and then very strict on how the ads are used. This protects their advertisers.

Never, ever, click on Adsense ads on your own page! Never pay (even indirectly) for clicks. You will be banned. So read the Terms and Conditions very carefully to avoid being removed from the Google Index.

Google do not allow me to publish my stats or proof of earnings but they have paid me a lot of money over the years, every month without fail, and now in my own currency as well which avoids bank charges. The minimum accrued before payment is $100.

Adbrite - Various sized banners and also ads linked to your video clips and photographs. Advertisers bid for the ads shown on your pages and earnings can then be very good. Excellent payers - here is a recent email notification of my earnings for a month. Minimum payout $50

Clicksor - Banners, Pop-under Ads, Inline Text Link, search box, etc. Payout at $50 min by various methods including PayPal.

Chitika - Pay per Click (CPC) ads that can run on the same page as Adsense ads. Low minimum payout of $10 to your PayPal account.
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chitikaThe minimum payout is $50

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